Want flawless Remote support for a fraction of the cost? We use state of the art 3rd part remote support software to provide you the smoothest remote support experience possible. 

Our Remote Support Service provides you with the peace of mind that no matter where you are or what your doing, we can be 'on site' almost instantly provided you have internet access. Remote Support entitles you to the first hour free per call out and at a reduced rate of $45/hr thereafter.


$75 per month across 12 months
$50 set up fee 
$25 late payment fee per missed transaction

We reserve the right to cancel or refuse support if payments are not paid.
Payments are your own responsibility and we recommend setting up a direct debit payment to avoid issues across the term.
We do use very specific support software and in an effort to help you more efficiently, please make sure the provided 3rd party software is up to date. Delays in updating software is considered billable time. 

This is by far our most popular support option. 

Remote Support