Welcome everyone to week 5 of the year and it just so happens to be Home Run Computing's fifth blog for the year.. see a connection there?

As the title suggests, this weeks blog is all about your little

ones headed back to school! Or if your a big, little one, back to your tertiary studies. While a whole new year might seam daunting, we have some great tips and tricks for helping you through the grind. Along with some amazing specials, as always. AND to follow up from our gaming build sneak peak the other day, we are ready and excited to show you what we've been working on!

Back to School Essentials!

Lets start at the start! The bag. Probably one of the most looked over items out of your whole kit. Unless your current bag is falling apart, who really goes school bag shopping ? Yet through out the year, you are constantly changing what you have and need to bring to school, tafe or uni.

So while an Everki Concept Business 17" Laptop bag might have all the bells and whistles, do you really need something that is airport friendly?

If not, then we would suggest something along the lines of the HP 17.3" BUSINESS BACKPACK or Everki's 18" Beacon Backpack. Both are extremely comfortable and offer more than enough space for your books, accessories, laptop and peripherals. I know right? Massive!

We wont cover laptops or even desktops as we have done so in other posts but more specifically have a look at all of those little extras you accumulate over time. For example, do you have a phone or tablet that keeps dying on you through out the day, just when you need it most? You might even have a power bank to help keep it charged for a little bit longer. Lets have a look at upgrading that, shall we? Our personal favorite


Like most others out there, it comes with a flash light just in case. An LED power indicator. External charging port, and yes, it does come with a cable. And 2 power outputs.

I use this one personally and its more than enough to charge my phone 4 times over or;

My Lenovo Thinkpad once, my phone once and my smart watch once.

Really is a fantastic charger and I couldn't recommend it more!

For those with laptops, you really cant go past a decent laptop cooler! Check out our deal of the week to see some awesome combos inc the COOLERMASTER U2 NOTEBOOK COOLER. In our heat in SEQ, they are a must have item!

USB STICKS!!!!! Wow these get over looked so easily! Start the year off with four or five and over the course of time, they become like pens - and disappear! So what do you do? Like just about everyone else, you buy a new one. We've all done it. But we have, on offer this month only, our very own Home Run Computing's 8GB USB stick with lanyard slot just for you! Message us to order yous ASAP and if your order is completed by midnight JAN 31st, we will give you FREE Shipping!

We'll finish up with something to relax to when you catch a

spare moment (Students, having spare time? You ok ?) I, know, I know, they are hard to come by but when you do manage to catch your breath, you want to make the most of it right? How does a BT speaker that is small enough to fit into your bag, has RGB LEDs in it for afternoon or evening hangs AND can be charged by the above power pack? Not to mention its under $40??

I know right? No more need be said....


If you are a headphone kind of person, check out the COUGAR IMMERSA GAMING HEADSET - unique suspended leather like headband design allows you to reach new levels of comfort. Built with carefully chosen materials, IMMERSA’s ultra lightweight will allow you to wear it for extended periods of time without experiencing any kind of discomfort. The 100mm ear pads will always keep your ears

comfortably covered and isolated from external noise. To fit all head shapes and sizes, IMMERSA´s flexible structure and automatic omni-directional adaptation will allow it to perform a 360º adjustments to maximize your comfort.

Deal of the week!

Need extra storage on the go? But tired of having something fail on you just when you NEED it the most? Yeah us too...

Introducing the ultra fast, extremely quite Silicon Power 512GB Bolt B10 external SSD!

Being an external SSD drive, you know you'll have quality and peace of mind that your data is safe and sound no matter what you place your drive down next to ( yeah we've done this too).