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The team at HRC hope that you have all had a great start to the new year and for those who could take advantage of the school holidays, we hope you survived!

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But first we would all like to say a massive congrats to one of the team. One of our newer members, Cassie, married her soul mate on the weekend. They both had an absolutely beautiful outdoor wedding up in Caloundra. From the whole team, Cassie, we wish you all the best and enjoy your honeymoon!

This weeks edition, we will be having a look at:

Virtual Reality and its benefits Our - Back to School Deal of the Week

Top 10 PC games coming out in 2018 And - Have Your Say!

Virtual Reality and its benefits

Fire authorities are using virtual reality to place Victorians in worst-case bushfire scenarios to encourage them to better prepare for a disaster.

The virtual reality program shows the user the possible fatal consequences if they act too late when a bushfire has broken out.

The Victorian Government will take the program to Echuca, Benalla, Shepparton and Seymour over the next three weeks, and plans to expand it further.

"A good decision is an early decision," Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said.

"An informed decision is a good decision."

The virtual reality program starts off explaining to the user that a fire is approaching their property and they must choose whether to evacuate, stay and defend, or seek shelter.

After deciding, the user is thrust into a virtual world of rapidly advancing flames, ember attacks, thick plumes of smoke and a distinctive bushfire roar.

The program is designed to be confronting.

Users are warned about the experience at the start and only those aged 17 years or older are recommended to take part.

"We don't want people to experience a fire in reality," Commissioner Lapsley said.

"What we want them to do is to learn from the experience of fire, so the virtual reality option is a fantastic way of doing that."

How to defend your home

Fire agencies recommend that you develop a bushfire survival plan. If you decide to stay and defend your home, there are some important things to consider.

Commissioner Lapsley said many people struggle to implement their fire plans when a bushfire is near because the situation is incredibly stressful and fluid.

He said leaving early was a safe option, and those who stayed to defend their properties needed to be wary of what they would experience.

"Sometimes we'll see people with the best of plans, but the day itself will challenge them. The fire itself will challenge them," Commissioner Lapsley said.

"Through this type of technology, they'll be able to see the scenario of what they might be faced against and will make a better decision."

The program can be accessed online and will be in Echuca (January 11–14), Benalla (January 18–21), Shepparton (January 25–28) and Seymour (February 1–4) at pop up cinema events.

Back to School Deal of the Week !

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