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Overview Welcome back to our Blog, I know its been some time since we have published any news or updates but you are in for a treat. We, at Home Run Computing, hope you are all having a safe yet fun holiday period! In our absence we have been working hard and planning out what direction our small but humble company will take and while we cant give everything away at the moment, we can give you a spoiler or two IF you you have made it to the New Year safe and sound. We have a product to showcase for you at our New Year Sale Price! Along our year in review.

Product Review #1


What Is Intel Optane Memory?

In the quest for ever-faster computers, Intel is constantly introducing new upgrades to its products to try and get a bit of extra cash out of enthusiasts and corporate customers. One of the company’s most dramatic introductions as of late has been its branded Optane memory, launched alongside the seventh generation of Core-series processors.

Unfortunately, Optane as a technology and an implementation is quite confusing, even once you get past the basic requirements. Here’s a primer on what Optane is right now… and what it might become later.

What Optane Memory Is

Optane is Intel’s trademarked term for a new class of hyper-fast memory modules. The name refers specifically to the memory itself, not an individual format, but at the moment it’s being marketed primarily in a specialized M.2 card, compatible only with supported motherboards that can use Intel 7th-gen Core processors (i3, i5, and i7 chips in the 7XXX series). Optane memory uses 3D NAND fabrication techniques and various proprietary technologies to achieve super-low latency—as fast as 10 microseconds.

What Optane Isn’t

Optane memory isn’t a type of conventional random-access computer memory, or RAM. And it isn’t a technology that’s being used for conventional storage—at least not at the consumer level, and not yet. Instead, the consumer M.2 Optane modules sold in 16GB and 32GB capacities are meant to work as a cache memory bridge between RAM and storage, allowing for faster data transfer between the memory, storage, and processor. This accelerates more or less every operation for the end user, especially when paired with caching software that intelligently stores relevant data on the Optane drive for near-instant retrieval.

Imagine an Optane memory add-on as a supercharger for a conventional gasoline engine: it’s not a required component to make the engine work, and it doesn’t replace any existing parts, it just makes the whole thing run faster.

The idea of using a small amount of super-fast flash storage to augment the performance of a primary storage drive isn’t new. In fact, Optane is basically a next-gen version of Intel’s Smart Response Technology (SRT), which could use cheap, low-capacity SSDs to cache data for slower, high-capacity conventional hard drives. The difference is that Optane uses memory manufactured and sold by Intel, in conjunction with special hardware and software components on compatible motherboards.

Can I Use Optane Memory Instead of DRAM or an SSD Drive?

No. The 16GB and 32GB Optane M.2 modules currently being sold do not function as primary computer memory, and they don’t replace a full storage drive.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Since Optane modules are relatively cheap performance add-ons—approximately $50 for the 16GB M.2 card and $100 for the 32GB version, at the time of writing—it might seem like a no-brainer. But keep in mind a few things. One, you’ll need the latest seventh-generation processor and a compatible motherboard to take advantage of it. Two, though Intel is advertising performance boosts for more or less any situation and application, the most dramatic improvements come from a system with an older spinning hard drive, not increasingly-popular SSD storage. The Optane system also increases power draw by a considerable margin.

What about combination systems, which use an SSD as a primary “OS” drive and a larger hard drive for more dense file storage? Sorry, no. Optane’s caching system only works with the primary OS drive, and even then, only the primary partition. You can install Optane memory in a desktop that uses both SSD and hard drive storage, but it won’t improve the speed of the secondary storage drive at all. Your money would be better spent on more RAM or a larger initial SSD if you’re building from scratch.

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Year In Review

What a year its been! We would like to personally thank each and every single one of you who have supported Home Run Computing this year. Every message, email, inquiry and purchase / support has meant that we can continue to provide the highest quality customer service at great prices with inclusions that out perform our competitors. So thanks to you all from us, your support has truely ment alot!

We would like to add a special mention to our business partners: Smart Owners Cartage Direct and Master Vaper For choosing us as their preferred IT support team, thank you! During the year, we ticket off some massive goals,

Our Mobile repair shop is up and running

  • Market stalls popping up across SEQ

  • Gaining access to more suppliers to provide you with the most competitive pricing

  • HRC's first Lan Party

  • And much much more!

What can you expect from us?

This year we are going to have a higher focus on attending school fates, fairs, shows and of course, markets still. While we wont be attending any major events this year, such as E3, PAX, Super Nova, Ekka, ect... we intend to for 2019. More specials and deals of the month! Whilst I cant say the Who's, What's, When's, Where's or Why's yet, I can tell you that every month of 2018 year is going to be a themed month with some amazing deals just for you! Starting with January - Start of 2018 Essentials Antivirus Trend Micro Internet Security 1 Devices 1 year Email Key - $15.00 Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 3 PC 1 Year Email Key - $25.00 WEBROOT Secure Anywhere AntiVirus 1 DEVICE 1 YEAR Email key - $17.50


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