Week 3 Refer A Friend!

Welcome to week 3!

In this week's edition we will be going through our up coming

website updates - I know some of you have been eager to see products as well as services and I am thrilled to announce that is just around the corner! A Service review for our up coming Remote Support, Our Refer A Friend promotion and our latest tech coming soon!

Week 3

First off I'd like to apologise to everyone for missing Week 2's blog. We have been hard at work to add an extensive range of products to our site and so far we now have an impressive range of over 45,000 products across 2 well known suppliers and a contract with Razer in the pipe works too! So a huge thank you for your patience while we get these added in.

Here's a sneak peak:

We are aiming to have each category (eg All in Ones, Cables, etc ..) completed each week with the changes published along side our weekly blog. So far we have completed 2 and have a third on its way.

Our current suppliers have an extensive range of products and some of the highest quality brands possible. To ensure we maintain we are currently working with Razer to supply you with the next level computer peripherals!

Service Review

We have been toying with the idea of offering a Remote Access service to continue providing you with our Premium level Customer-service. Out of the blue we were contacted by Jonathan who required help sorting out a problem with his CAD project for work. While we don't currently offer a Remote Access we discussed a solution and soon after logged on using a secure 3rd party remote access software.

Our initial investigation completed, we offered Jonathan a solution to fix what was causing his renders to process much slower than normal. Once we had discussed the problem and several solutions, Jonathan confirmed he was happy for us to go ahead with the work and all with in the space of 10 minutes we had his project rendering back at speeds he was expecting!

We were of course very grateful to have a client that was happy for us to test out our software solution for secure remote access and Jonathan had the outcome he was hoping for - Win/Win all round. So as soon as we have some more of our products on the website and we have done some further testing, we will be adding Remote Access to our permanent list of Services.

Refer A Friend

Want to earn an uncapped amount of $$ ? Brendon and I have been hard at work to come up with a referral program with a difference! Most referral programs offer a once off or every 6 months or so. What we are offering is $30 to anyone who refers a friend, family member or loved one who pays for one of our services! This is unrestricted too so send 5 people our way this week, you get $150! You can do this as many times as you like and as long as they pay for a service, you get $30 per person you send our way.

Similarly refer someone who spends $1,000 or more on products and we will send you $30 per person who spends that amount. Again this is unrestricted so this applies to as many people who you send our way.

Join the two offers together where someone you have referred pays for a service and parts equal to or greater than $1,000 and we will send you $50!

This is our thank you to you for believing in us and trusting us to take care of your friends, family and other loved ones home or small business' computing needs. Our Refer a Friend program will be live on our site next Tuesday but is active from today!

Call, email or book through the website:

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